2018 October - DEMO Public Build is here!

Some changes are already mentioned in the previous devlogs. But we’ll write it again as patch notes :

  • Quality of Life : Navigate through all the UIs with your controller’s directionals or your keyboard’s WASD.
  • Quality of Life : Picked the wrong save slot in the main menu? Press controller’s B or keyboard’s BACKSPACE to pick another one.
  • Quests : There are only 4 tomb quests, so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Area : For this free, early access version, the final area is currently blocked since it’s still unfinished.
  • Combat : Melee weapons and ranged weapons has separate buttons. No need to switch between them.
  • Combat : AIR DODGE, for more mobility and evasive options.
  • Combat : Powered Bow no longer shoots penetrating arrows, but it has another effect if you level it up.
  • Combat : Your ghost can now attack without waiting for you to press the button.
  • Combat : Primal magic will ALWAYS charge your melee weapons with lightning and your ranged weapons with wind.
  • Combat : Elemental magic will ALWAYS charge your melee weapons with fire and your ranged weapons with ice.
  • Combat : A few bosses have changed its attacking methods. Be careful.
  • New Content : More NPCs. They came to Dokia with their own agendas and may offer free items or new quests, or have their companions fight you.
  • New Content : Voice prompts implemented to some NPCs. Giving you ideas on how they sound like.

This version is the final patch for the free, early access of EURGAVA - Tomb of Senza. The next version is going to be the full release itself, with its date TBA.

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